Print-Your-Own DIY Mount Kit


Have access to a 3D printer? Great! Just order this kit and print your own mount parts. Kit comes with all the hardware you need to assemble your mount. You will also be able to download the .stl files needed so you can print, break, and re-print your own parts.


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Printing information

Material: I print these in PETG which has a good balance of strength, print quality and thermal durability. ABS and nylon should also work except for nylon for the round clamps. It’s likely too soft to be an effective clamp, especially with a 1000mm boom.PLA should be avoided as it will get soft in the heat.

All parts print without supports except the 15mm Gopro clamp. That has “modeled in” supports between the gopro style 3-prong clamp and the part that clamps to the 15mm tube. That will need to be removed. I use a band saw to cut them out.


Additional information

Select Boom Length

500mm, 1000mm

Select Clamp

1.125 Round, 1.25 Round, Wills Wing Streamline Aluminum, Wills Wing Carbon, 42mm Round