Litestream Downtube Mount




Dave Camera Mount – Litestream Downtube Camera Mount.

Use this mount if you already have a lot of other gadgets on your basetube, or if you just prefer to mount a boom on the downtube instead of the basetube. May be useful for when you have wheels and/or for aerotowing.


  • 18mm x 16mm table rolled carbon fiber boom for high stiffness-to-weight ratio
  • 500mm or 1000mm boom length
  • Clamps and mounts 3D Printed from ASA
  • Machined aluminum ball head with GoPro style 3-prong connector for mounting cameras

Always use a tether when mounting cameras on your glider. You can tie a string to your camera, then run the string through the boom and attach it to some part of the glider.


Additional information

Select Camera Style

Standard Action Camera, 360 Action Camera

Select Boom Length

500mm, 1000mm