Carbon Keel Stinger Mount




Dave’s carbon offset keel stinger mount. This allows you to mount your GoPro (or similar “action cam”) off to the side of your keel for a refreshing twist on the standard keel cam. This allows you to frame the pilot on one third of the frame for an overall more pleasing composition.

This is compatible with Wills Wing carbon fiber keel stingers, the T2C and T3.

  • 15mm x 1.5mm table rolled carbon fiber boom for high stiffness-to-weight ratio
  • 500mm boom length
  • Clamps and mounts 3D Printed from PETG
  • Machined aluminum ball head with GoPro style 3-prong connector for mounting cameras

I recommend installing a tether. You can tie a string to your camera, then run the string through the boom and attach it to some part of the glider.

Additional information

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Standard Action Camera, 360 Action Camera