Basetube Mount 15mm


Please allow up to 1 week for processing



Dave’s 15mm basetube camera mounts. These have been designed to be light weight, quick and easy to use so you can capture awesome footage of all your flying adventures!

  • 15mm x 1mm table rolled carbon fiber boom for high stiffness-to-weight ratio
  • 500 or 1000mm boom lengths available
  • Clamps and mounts 3D Printed from PETG
  • Machined aluminum ball head with GoPro style 3-prong connector for mounting cameras
  • Optional external battery with 15mm snap mount connectors

For Falcon Tandem select 1.25 inch clamp.

For all solo Falcon’s select 1.125 inch clamp.

Be cautious of over tightening thumbscrews as that can cause cracking.

I recommend installing a tether. You can tie a string to your camera, then run the string through the boom and attach it to the nose wire of you glider.

Additional information

Select Basetube Clamp

1.125 Round, 1.25 Round, Wills Wing Streamline Aluminum, Wills Wing Carbon

Select Carbon Boom Length

500mm, 1000mm

Select Camera Style

Standard Action Camera, 360 Action Camera