52mm Crossbar Mount (for Single Surface Gliders)




Dave Camera Mount 52mm Crossbar Mount for Single Surface Gliders like the Wills Wing Falcon.

The crossbar diameter varies from glider make, model and size. Known compatible gliders:

  • Wills Wing Falcon 3 & 4 145
  • Wills Wing Falcon 3 & 4 170
  • Wills Wing Falcon 4 195

The clamp will only work on 52mm tubing. If you don’t know the diameter of the tube you are trying to attach it to, measure it. If you don’t have a tool to measure the diameter of the tube, measure the circumference and then do math. You’re smart, you can figure that part out ; )


  • 18mm x 16mm table rolled carbon fiber boom for high stiffness-to-weight ratio
  • 500mm or 1000mm boom length
  • Clamps and mounts 3D Printed from ASA
  • Machined aluminum ball head with GoPro style 3-prong connector for mounting cameras

Always use a tether when mounting cameras on your glider. You can tie a string to your camera, then run the string through the boom and attach it to some part of the glider.


Additional information

Select Camera Style

Standard Action Camera, 360 Action Camera

Select Boom Length

500mm, 1000mm