3D Printed Carbon Fiber Bike Frame

Details of Build
Overview of Build

Printing Parts
Material: CarbonX EZ-PC from 3DXtech or similar structural material
0.6mm nozzle
0.36mm layer height
6 perimeters (@0.65mm extrusion width = 3.9mm wall thickness) or more
6 top and bottom layers (@0.36mm = 2.16mm)
90-100% infill for dropouts
50-70% infill for headtube, rear brake mount, seat tube to top tube and bottom bracket
When in doubt, favor wall thickness to infill percentage
Custom supports are designed into the parts and should be sufficient at least with the CarbonX
material (except the Rear Brake Mount part, that will likely need auto generated supports for the
bridge area.)
Use a ~5mm brim

Carbon Tubes Needed
50x46x1000 mm – headtube and downtube
30x28x1000 mm – seat tube and toptube (2 pieces for Medium and Large)
18x16x1000 mm – or – 18x15x1000mm – chainstays
15x13x1000 mm – or – 15x12x1000mm – seatstays (2 pieces for all sizes)
See included BoM for more details

Cutting Tubes
Use 3D printed templates to mark tubes using the spacing between templates provided in the
documents folder for the model size being built.
Use a rotary tool to cut and gradually bring tube cuts to shape.

Assembly Jig
You will need some form of assembly/alignment jig. My design is included but uses 45x90mm
aluminum t-slot rails. That’s probably overkill and expensive (they were donated to me.) You can
probably substitute something much smaller and cheaper but will have to modify the included
design (pretty simple change to make to the printed parts.)
Coat all parts that might get epoxy on them with a release agent like PVA. Don’t want to glue
your frame to the jig!

Assembly procedure
Start by gluing the aluminum prefabricated dropouts to the printed dropouts. Install the threaded
bottom bracket into the printed part (BE SURE TO CHECK THREAD ORIENTATION, THERE IS
Scuff up all the mating areas of the tubes with a coarse grit sandpaper to ensure a good key.
Assembly order:
Attach bottom bracket to fixture
Seat tube into bottom bracket
Seat tube – top tube part
Chain stays
Rear brake mount and seat stays
Headtube and top tube together
Bottle cage mounts

Bike Fit Geometry (Sizing)
Small size should be suitable for riders between 5’3” and 5’7” or so.
Medium size for riders in the 5’7” to 6’0 range.
Large size coming in the future

License CC_attribution_shareAlike_3.0 (PDF Download)